Digital online chronometer

With this online chronometer clock you will know all the time traveled. It is ideal for people who go to the gym and need to know how much time passes between exercise and exercise. In addition, the online timer is digital and has a spin option. Many people who study the opposition of the police and civil guard use this chronometer to see the best time of the distance they have traveled for the tests of the oppositions. Its function is very simple and you only have to press the start button to start the online timer. In addition you can have it in all your devices free, in the mobile, computer, pc or tablet. No need to download any program or app and if you add it to favorites you can have it even without internet connection. If you have a web page you can copy the html and php code to inscribe an online stopwatch on your web page. Now you will have a clock with stopwatch to all the sites you go.

Online time clock

This stopwatch will count the time between turns in thousandths of a second. If you close the stopwatch all the time, minutes, seconds and laps will be saved automatically. If you count too much, the number of days elapsed will be displayed. You can configure how to see the digital stopwatch, in thousandths of a second, seconds, minutes and hours. Press the Start button to start and stop to stop.


If you are doing an exercise without pause you can press the back button so that you count the best travel time. For example, in the gym, in exercise and gymnastics tests, in car or motorbike races, etc. To return to the initial value of the stopwatch just press restart and the counter will return to 0. Add the stopwatch to your favourites section and always take it with you like clockwork, on your PC, computer, tablet or smartphone for free.